About Us

Our Company

Vahlavi Sand & Bricks is 100% owned and managed by a previously disadvantaged enthusiastic and well renowned entrepreneur. This Business is registered with the Registrar of Companies as Company under section 7 and it has been growing with huge clientele base. Vahlavi Bricks & Sand was formed in 1986 to ensure involvement in the building and construction industry. Vahlavi Bricks & Sand is a principle based cement brick manufacturer operating in Limpopo and selling our products to the construction industries and individuals. The bricks are sold to clients in the construction industry being major, medium, small contractors, building material merchants and private individuals.

We gave gained countless experience as well as the right tools and machinery specific to our trade. Vahlavi Bricks & Sand's service is based on integrity, honesty and reliability. All product supplies offered are of top quality. We continue to set a high standard of quality in an industry where quality is a rumour. The business also supports its community and development of our country and is sensitive to environmental protection, gender equality and the discrimination of any race. Vahlavi Bricks & Sand supports and adheres to the policy of affirmative action.

This company will interact, network and form joint ventures with other companies with the view of skills transfer. We will also form business linkages with complimentary professionals in other multi-disciplinary projects. The company possesses good management, leadership, integrity, efficiency and use appropriate and cutting edge technology to yield the most effective results in all assignments.

Project's Contribution to the local Economy.

The company has employed over 95 local community members. It aims to raise quality standards of the local communities, specifically the previously disadvantaged. Our Mission is to provide our customers with a reliable service and high quality products at an affordable price. We distribute only the highest quality SABS approved bricks. Our manufacturing process is controlled and constant. Key factors in our mission include integrity, efficiency, the protection of our environment, and the empowerment of previously disadvantaged community, especially our youth.

Implementation Strategy - Supervision and client liaison are extremely important when providing an efficient service. In order to maintain a high standard of performance and motivation a Supervisor will always be on site from day to day of the operation until completion of the service. Our Service Feature Values include quality service, creativity, innovation and reliability.

Aims and Objectives - To provide professional, effective and superior quality service with honesty and integrity. To provide employment to the unemployed people and offer training for them as part of capacity building. To act responsible with the frame work of the law and display social responsibility to the community.

Management - Recognising the importance of human capital, Vahlavi Bricks & Sand has assembled a strong management team. The company is lead by Mr. D.L. Maswanganyi as the sole Director of the company. He has problem solving and decision making ability, good planning, and organisational time management skills. His duties include providing the overall direction and management of an organisation, ensuring a strategic plan and business plan are set in place and constantly monitored, ensuring that realistic goals are set for an organization and that the goals are met, ensuring the organisation complies with company law and other relevant legislation manage risks to the organisation.